Big on your hair. Small in your bag

Dokonalé pro vaše vlasy. Malý do kabelky.

Sklopné přenosný vysoušeč je lehký a skutečně kompaktní. Poskytne vám volnost při vysoušení a tvarování, kdykoli budete chtít vypadat skvěle.

Professional nozzle

Profesionální tvarovací tryska

Profesionální tryska pro precizní a přesné tvarování účesu.

Infrared heating

Infračervený ohřev

Cestovní vysoušeč vlasů Braun Satin Hair 1 Style&Go pracuje s infračerveným ohříváním, které brání vytváření horkých míst a přesoušení.


Vícenásobné napájecí napětí vám umožní připojit přístroj a tvarovat účes kdekoli.

Různé země, různí napětí: Cestovní vysoušeč vlasů Braun Satin Hair 1 Style&Go pracuje s libovolným místním napětím. Vícenásobné napájecí napětí pro vysoký výkon, kamkoli cestujete.

2 heat settings

2 nastavení teploty

Pro vysoušení a pružnost při tvarování účesů.




Hanging loop

Poutko na zavěšení

Pro snadné uskladnění

Hodnocení a recenze

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20 September, 2016

An electric shaver that rivals a wet razor shave.

Having used different electric shavers in the past, i finally got the opporunity to Having used different electric shavers in the past, I finally got the opportunity to try a Braun shaver. Braun series 9 shavers are known for being the best electric shavers in the market. The 9296cc is the newest series 9 version. Even though I have used electric shavers in the past, my preference has always been a wet shave with a razer blade due to sensitive skin. The Braun 9296cc has just changed this preference. My skin have never felt better after just 3 weeks of using the Braun 9296cc. The shaver can either be used wet or dry and for best results, I would recommended daily shaving. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

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20 September, 2016

A smooth ride

So, to start off i've not had an electric shave in a good few years, I'm much more used to the trimmer i've had that keeps the hipster stubble in check (plus the other half prefers it this way). I have a few key meetings coming up that would require a slightly smoother look, so was glad to try the Braun 9692.I have always been wary of tugging with an electric razor, and I quickly came to realise that I would need to trim the beardy look back to a stubble as for some reason it didn't want to pick up any long hairs. Once the thicket had been trimmed back I can honestly say i couldn't feel any tugging, nor anything at all even as I passed the razor all over my face. There were no rashes, no missed patches, no pain at all.All in all this honestly does live up to it's name of the most comfortable shave (as long as there are no longer hairs!). [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

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20 September, 2016

My first..Electric

As for the title, you would be correct in thinking that this is the first electric shaver I have ever used. I first tested this on a weekly trimmed beard (dry) and 2-day beard (wet) followed afterward. Out of the box, this has a very smart finish and looks fantastic. This also came with a great carry case, which I have now used on two separate occasions. I cannot compare this to a previous model, but I have used both a wet and dry scenario with a manual razor, coupled with foam, gel and none at all. After a full charge, which took no longer than an hour, the battery itself did not seem to lose any performance throughout. The display itself, counts down the remaining minutes of shave time and did not seem to waver or jump unnecessarily. It advises to charge for a number of hours before use, which I did, with no issues whatsoever. It was all relatively easy to set up, considering I had never used one before. I prefer a wet shave, but I tried my least favourite first, a dry shave. I am not sure as to whether my technique was incorrect (I have picked this up over the past few weeks) but I felt like I couldn't get as much or as clean a shave as I would a manual. I have previously known others who suffer from 'Razor Burn' and as I have very sensitive skin, I thought I may suffer from this too, but this was not the case. I am not sure if there is an indication of when to clean the razor head itself, as I am very wary of running out of the solution quickly, but I usually do this on the third shave or so or if needed. The Clean and Charge unit I was extremely impressed with, and this excited me (I always get excitable with regards to new things!). The Unit itself it very smart, robust and it all fits together very nicely. The clean mechanism isn't the quietest, but when you're in your own home, this isn't an issue. I will have to look more into electric shavers in the near future, it suggests that the head should be changed every 18 months or so, is this not too soon? I think for the price of this product, you would probably expect a little more longevity from this. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

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